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Become an affiliate

Become an affiliate

Become a member of the Spoonk Affiliate Program. It is free to join and allows you to earn commission on all online referrals through your domain and social network.

Share about benefits of Spoonk with your followers, customers or patients by sending them your affiliate link issued by us exclusively for you and earn 15% – 30 %commission depending on your agreement with us .

Referral that has been redirected from your domain to our online store will get registered on your affiliate account and we will issue payment at the first day of the month


15% – 30 % commission

Monthly payments via Paypal

No minimum threshold for payments

Opportunities to collaborate on content

Monthly affiliate newsletters


Promo codes

Responsive team to help you maximize your sales

How to Get Started

It is simple, click on a link and fill in short application
We will send you email within 24 h with your unique affilate link and your login. User name will be your email and password will be emailed .

As an affiliate, you will have access to fully monitor all of your earnings, sales graphs, visitors, and have check on your payouts, all will be displayed on your account which you would access with your login .

All you need to do is to use your affiliate link and post it in your posts about Spoonk product. If people decide to click on your link and purchase Spoonk product that would be recorded under your account and for that referral you would earn agreed commission .
You can use all images offered in the creative area on your account which will make your promotional work easier. Your unique site identifier will be automatically inserted into link codes to ensure all referrals are credited to your account. It is easy and simple to earn additional income through this partnership ! Welcome on board !

Questions about our affiliate program?

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Thank you for helping us relax this world , one mat at the time !