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Are Metal Bed Frames Bad For You?

Are you one of many adults who suffer from occasional or chronic insomnia and have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep all night? Have you tried all the over-the-counter options to get better sleep and had no success? The problem could be right in your bedroom.

Are metal bed frames bad for you?
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Can metal beds affect your sleep?

There is a growing concern across the globe regarding the effect of electrical pollution on our bodies in a high-EMF environment. EMF stands for electromagnetic fields, which we are exposed to on a daily basis. The Earth has a natural magnetic field, and there are also man-made electromagnetic waves that power up our electronic devices, smartphones, tablets, and wi-fi routers, to name a few. Many people across the globe report that being exposed to EMF waves causes them many symptoms, such as headaches, muscle cramps, body aches, depression, and….yes, insomnia! 

Even though modern science cannot seem to reach a conclusion regarding whether EMF exposure is harmful to our health or not, many practitioners of the ancient art of Feng Shui and similar century-old practices advise against the use of a bed with a metal frame if you are looking to get some better z’s. They recommend not getting a metal frame for your bed, because these likely attract and conduct electromagnetic fields that can disrupt your sleep patterns. A wood frame can help absorb the EMF waves from your environment instead of acting like an antenna for them.

The quality of your bed frame also matters. For maximum health benefits, your bed frame should not have any metal screws or parts, and the wood should not be treated with chemicals or finished with toxic varnishes. Wood glue and oil contain dangerous substances, so if you can opt for a bed frame that is built with 100% organic, non-toxic components, both your health and the planet will thank you for it. We happen to really like this wood frame from our friends at Samina Sleep.

Besides swapping your metal frame bed for wood, there are other simple tweaks that can help you get better sleep. Everyday electronics like computers, cellphones, and tablets also emit EMF signals. By keeping them out of your bedroom, you can not only reduce your nightly exposure to EMF signals, but you will also be less tempted to stare at your phone or smart device – the screen of these devices give off a blue light that also interferes with your sleep (Blue light messes up the brain’s ability to produce sleep-inducing hormones and also throws off your body’s natural circadian rhythm). 

It is also important to help your body wind down and get ready for sleep – we wrote an entire post about it with useful tips that you should check out.

In short, while modern science cannot agree on an answer about the effects of EMF in our bodies, the century-old art of Feng Shui discourages the use of metal frames in your bedroom – but the wrong wood frame can also be harmful. Minimizing your exposure to EMF in the bedroom by making it an electronic-free zone and choosing an organic, chemical-free bed frame and mattress can only be beneficial for your health and help you get better sleep at night. 



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